Kicking off the season for 2016 with Whisky Tour with difference. We are taking in a couple of the architectural gems hidden away in the leafy suburbs of Glasgow’s south side.
It has to be Alexander “Greek” Thomson and our two stops will be Holmwood House & Moray Place.
Holmwood House was built in 1857 for a Paper Mill owner by the name of James Couper for a price of £3682 and it sits on the banks for the White Cart Water which flows through the south side of the city and fed the Couper’s paper mill itself further downstream.
Moray Place is our next visit, built in 1869 by Thomson and was occupied by his family until his death in 1875.
Cultural visits complete, we’re now on our way to sample “The water of Life” …and if I told you we were heading to a Highland Distillery to sample their Lowland Single Malt ! Would you know where we were going ?