Falkland Palace Scotland Tour

If you are planning a private tour from the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, make sure you include this Renaissance place in your list. Located in Falkland, Fife, Falkland Palace is a royal palace of Scottish Kings and one of Mary, Queen of Scots’s favourite places. She took refuge in this palace from the political and religious turmoil of her times.

With an extensive formal garden and Britain’s oldest tennis courts, Falkland Palace provides a unique opportunity to explore a royal pleasure palace with a Victorian twist. The grand chateaux of France inspire the building. Subsequent Stuart royals transformed it into the Balmoral of its day. Today, it stands as one of the finest surviving examples of Renaissance architecture in Scotland. The palace is something you may not want to miss during your private tour from Edinburgh, Scotland.

The palace is one of Falklands most famous royal residences. The Queen of Scots, Mary, was enchanted with the palace and took advantage of the Falklands vast estate to pursue falconry and hunting here. Its tennis court is one of the oldest in the world. The palace is cared for by the National Trust for Scotland. You can explore the fascinating 17th-century artefacts while seeing the Chapel Royal and walking on the colourful and diverse grounds.  

You can explore the Royal Hunting Lodge used by Mary Queen of Scots, admire the Renaissance architecture of the palace, discover Britain’s oldest original tennis court built for James V, learn about the Trust’s conservation work, which includes centuries-old paintings, carvings, and furniture, and take a stroll around the beautiful garden, exploring the wildflower meadow and orchard and enjoying the colours and scents of the Physic Garden.

A Little History

King James IV and his son James V hired the best architects to create a pleasure palace where they could enjoy the pursuits of falconry and hunting. The result was the magnificent Falkland Palace. Mary Queen of Scots said the palace reminded her of the chateaux of the French Royal Court where she grew up. The Stuart kings were frequent residents here.

Built between the years 1450 and 1541, the Royal Palace of Falkland was a country retreat for the pursuit of leisure activities. During the tour, you can visit the recreated King’s Bedchamber and Queen’s Room, a little library at the top of a spiral staircase that ends in mid-air, and the old kitchen and several of the Keepers Apartments.

The palace’s grand entrance lies in the heart of charming Falkland village. It consists of magnificent turrets and an archway. As you walk through the palace, you will find much more to explore, such as the detailed panelling in the drawing room, painted walls of the library, re-created royal apartments, and the stunning Chapel Royal.

The tranquil grounds also have much to be explored. Along with being home to the oldest royal tennis court in Britain, it also has an ancient orchard with a wildflower meadow. The extensive garden was designed by Percy Cane, whose grounds include a physic garden with Renaissance-era herbal remedies.


The Palace’s main purpose was pleasure-seeking rather than being defensive. This resulted in the construction of a building that is very civilised till this day and age. The main recreational pastime at Falkland for the Stuart Kings and Queens would have been the hunting of deer and wild boar in the forests of Fife.

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