Kilmartin Glen Standing Stones & Oban

Stravaigin Kilmartin Glen Standing Stones Day Tour

Wow! A fun and fact filled action packed day awaits you on this Stravaigin tour. Specially designed for history lovers or those looking to learn more about our beautiful country, this bespoke tour is for you.

Put simply, this tour takes you on an incredible journey to Scotland’s largest collection of pre-historic monuments dating back over a mind boggling seven thousand years.

Firstly, we transport you to the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond where we’ll be stopping off in the idyllic village of Luss for a stroll through the picturesque old village leading to the pier. From the pier you can take in the simply stunning views up and down the world famous Loch, as Ben Lomond dominates the skyline high above on the opposite bank. The Loch is the largest lake (we prefer Loch here in Scotland – it just sounds cooler!) in Great Britain and the North road to the Highlands nestles against the banks of Loch Lomond for it’s full twenty four miles.

St Conan’s kirk, our next port of call, is situated in the village of Loch Awe between Dalmally and Oban. Sitting on a crag high above the water amid vegetation including honeysuckle and roses, it really is a sight to behold. Here you can see the legendary Robert The Bruce’s tomb and the ivory cask that contains his finger! For jaw dropping beauty, our next stop, the beautiful wee fishing town of Oban takes the prize. It’s the main ferry port for the islands off the West coast of Scotland and is also famed for it’s shops on the harbour front and it’s outstanding seafood available in it’s many restaurants and café’s. The seafood here really ‘hakes” some beating! (Sorry.) The imposing, granite built McCaigs tower overlooks the town of Oban. It is now a lovely public garden with unbeatable views of the islands of Mull, Lismore and Kerrera.

Having satisfied our appetites in bonnie Oban, we will make our way to Kilmartin House Museum. Explore Dunnad Fort and place your foot in the carved stone footprint where the ancient Kings of Dalriada stood to be crowned! Kilmartin Glen itself is positively littered with history with over eight hundred archaeological sites including Nether Largie Cairn, the Temple Wood Stone Circles, and Ballymeanoch Stonehenge. The Glen is also home to some of the most impressive cup and ring decorated rock surfaces in Scotland.

After all that thirsty work, we head home via the bewitching Inveraray for tea or coffee – on us!

Talk about a busy day? This one day tour is rammed with mesmeric locations, historically fascinating landmarks and exquisite scenery. Now one of our most popular tours, please book early to avoid disappointment.


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