Loch Lomond & Inveraray Castle

Stravaigin Loch Lomond, Inverarary Castle & Kilchurn Castle Day Tour

This one really is a showstopper. Take in some of Scotland’s most spectacular scenery all in one unforgettable day.

Firstly, your kilted Stravaigin tour guide takes his cue from the world famous Scottish song and transports you to the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. We’ll be stopping off in the idyllic village of Luss for a stroll through the picturesque old village leading to the pier. From the pier you can take in the simply stunning views up and down the world famous Loch, as Ben Lomond dominates the skyline high above on the opposite bank. The Loch is the largest lake (we prefer Loch here in Scotland – it just sounds cooler!) in Great Britain and the North road to the Highlands nestles against the banks of Loch Lomond for it’s full twenty four miles.

We then take a leisurely drive to the haunting Kilchurn Castle, an ancient 15th century Campbell stronghold which sits on a rocky peninsula at the Northeastern end of Loch Awe. Believe it or not, you can still venture to the top of the ramparts to breathe in the surrounding fern green mountains and cobalt blue waters of Loch Awe.

After a traditional Scottish lunch, we move on to the historically famous Inverary. Sitting on the banks of Loch Fyne, it’s home to Inverary Castle, the seat of the clan Campbell and The Duke Of Argyll. This spectacular piece of architecture was originally started in 1746 but wasn’t completed until 1789! A fire sadly ravaged the castle in 1877 but it was rebuilt into the stunning design you will see on your visit. In addition to the castle, the Inverary jail is another fabulous attraction. It’s a living museum with costumed characters giving a fascinating insight into Scottish jail life and punishments in the eighteen hundreds. We ask that you remain on your best behaviour, as we cannot guarantee that they won’t keep you in…

Presuming we’ve all retained our liberty, we return via the magnificent Argyll countryside and over the Rest And Be Thankful mountain pass, so named after the words carved into a stone by soldiers who built the original military road in 1753.

This fun packed and fact filled one day tour is an absolute must for those looking to steep themselves in our wonderful history and is abundant with photo opportunities for those who like to snap away.


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Loch Lomond & Inveraray Castle

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