Scottish Borders & Abbeys

Stravaigin Scottish Borders & Abbeys Day Tour

A truly wonderful day spent in the unforgettable Scottish Borders discovering the unique history behind the majestic abbeys of Dryburgh, Melrose, Jedburgh and Kelso.

Boy, are you in for a treat!

Travelling in unrivalled Stravaigin luxury, we gently make our way through inspirational landscapes towards the first of the Scottish Borders FOUR remarkable Abbeys.

Dryburgh Abbey is the setting our first adventure of the day. Perhaps the most beautiful of all the Border Abbeys, the striking ruins of Dryburgh Abbey are remarkably complete and surrounded by absolutely beautiful grounds. The graceful ruins nestle in wooded seclusion beside the River Tweed, and you’ll discover exactly why the contemplative life of the medieval monks who once trod your path, was so attractive.

On to Melrose Abbey, and to a magnificent ruin on a grand scale, replete with lavishly decorated masonry. The Abbey has an incredible history, and suffered through the wars of Independence. Substantially rebuilt in the 1380’s , it continued in use as an abbey until the Protestant reformation of 1560. The Abbey is also the burial place of Robert the Bruce’s heart, which is marked with a commemorative carved stone. We can even visit the small museum housing a display of artefacts found within the Abbey.

After a satisfying lunch of Scottish fayre at a quaint Country inn, we set off for Abbey number three. And what an Abbey!

Ravaged by time and Warfare, Jedburgh Abbey remains one of the Country’s most spectacular ancient monuments. This Abbey was founded by David I around 1138 for Augustinian canons. Experience the fresh scents in the Jedburgh Abbey herb garden surrounded by aromatic plants and visit the stone display at the West end. The Abbeys close proximity to the English border made it a prime target for invading English armies. This place has seen some violent and bloody days…

Where to next? After some light refreshments, we head to our final Abbey – Kelso.

Considered the grandest of the Borders Abbeys and judging by the different styles on view, the Abbey church took over 75 years to build. Kelso Abbey suffered very badly in the wars of independence between Scotland and England at the start of the 1300’s, but the damage was later repaired. Sadly the Abbey suffered further attacks in 1523, 1542, 1544 and 1545. The atmosphere here serves as a reminder of the glorious buildings once brutal past.

Our Abbey tour completed, we head home through beauteous backdrops as you reflect on a day with Stravaigin when you steeped yourself in Scotland’s incredible past while you walked through some of its most dramatic settings. A Borders Abbeys tour once lived, will never be forgotten.

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