3 Day Oban, Iona, Staffa & Fingals Cave

3 Day Oban, Iona, Staffa & Fingal's Cave

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We have a special word in Scotland when we describe something as being great or exciting. The word we use is “belter!” That word definitely best describes this 3 day trip encompassing our most jaw dropping scenery, beauteous wildlife, amazing history and diverse culture. Hop on board and fasten your seatbelts for this Stravaigin spectacular.

Here goes… Firstly, your kilted Stravaigin tour guide takes his cue from the world famous Scottish song and transports you to the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. We’ll be stopping off in the idyllic village of Luss for a stroll through the picturesque old village leading to the pier. From the pier you can take in the simply stunning views up and down the world famous Loch, as Ben Lomond dominates the skyline high above on the opposite bank. The Loch is the largest lake (we prefer Loch here in Scotland – it just sounds cooler!) in Great Britain and the North road to the Highlands nestles against the banks of Loch Lomond for it’s full twenty four miles.

We then take a leisurely drive to the haunting Kilchurn Castle, an ancient 15th century Campbell stronghold which sits on a rocky peninsula at the Northeastern end of Loch Awe. Believe it or not, you can still venture to the top of the ramparts to breathe in the surrounding fern green mountains and cobalt blue waters of Loch Awe.

Next? On to bonny Glen Orchy a haunting Glen in Argyll and Bute. The Glen was one of the major homes of Clan Gregor until the Clan was outlawed by James VI in 1603.

No time to lose! Fancy seeing a wee bit of movie history now? Let’s go next to the misty hills of Glen Etive, location for the James Bond smash ‘Skyfall”. This atmospheric Highland Glen is a sight to behold.

Now for Glencoe. For sheer drama, Glencoe simply cannot be beaten. Both stunning and haunting, The Glen Of Weeping as it’s also known, has a bloody and tragic air of history coursing through it’s unique atmosphere. The Glencoe massacre of 1692, where the government sponsored Campbell Clan attacked and murdered many of the MacDonald Clan of the Glen, is a brutal chapter in Scotland’s history. The word memorable doesn’t do a Glencoe visit justice.

Having dined on some wonderful Scottish fayre, it’s on to Castle Stalker, another Scottish Castle that wouldn’t look out of place in a fairy story. Sticking with the film theme, Castle Stalker was one of the locations for Monty Python And The Holy Grail.




We at Stravaigin pride ourselves in providing the very best in memorable and cosy so there’s no contest for the location of our overnight stay. For jaw dropping beauty, our next stop, the beautiful wee fishing town of Oban takes the prize. It’s the main ferry port for the islands off the West coast of Scotland and is also famed for it’s shops on the harbour front and it’s outstanding seafood available in it’s many restaurants and café’s. The seafood here really ‘hakes” some beating! (Sorry.)





Following a restful night and a hearty Scottish breakfast to set us up for the riveting day ahead, it’s time to hop on the ferry to Mull! On arrival on this sensational island, we take a drive across the island. The Isle has wildlife around every corner and you’ll feel your stresses and worries melt away as you sample a life far removed from the hectic, urban, pressurised existence.

Fancy another heavenly Island? We’re Stravaigin so we’ve got it covered! We are taking you to the most dramatic of all the Scottish Islands now – Staffa. With it’s hexagonal pillars, and the famous Fingal’s Cave. On our way there, please keep a wee eye out for the dolphins, porpoises and minke whales that inhabit the Cobalt blue waters off the coast. Amazing!

With memories made and photos to look at again and again, we head back to Oban for another tranquil evening before we turn in for the night…

Time for our last day. Don’t be too downhearted though as there’s still lots to see and do the Stravaigin way! Leaving pretty Oban behind us, we wend our way towards Kilmartin Glen to explore Dunnad Fort where you can place your foot in the carved stone footprint where the ancient Kings of Dalriada stood to be crowned! The Glen itself is positively littered with history with over eight hundred archaeological sites including Nether Largie Cairn, the Temple Wood Stone Circles, and Ballymeanoch Stonehenge. The Glen is also home to some of the most impressive cup and ring decorated rock surfaces in Scotland..

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After all that thirsty work, we head home via the bewitching Inverary for tea or coffee – on us! Sitting on the banks of Loch Fyne, it’s home to Inverary Castle, the seat of the clan Campbell and The Duke Of Argyll. This spectacular piece of architecture was originally started in 1746 but wasn’t completed until 1789! A fire sadly ravaged the castle in 1877 but it was rebuilt into the stunning design you will see on your visit. In addition to the castle, the Inverary jail is another fabulous attraction. It’s a living museum with costumed characters giving a fascinating insight into Scottish jail life and punishments in the eighteen hundreds. We ask that you remain on your best behaviour, as we cannot guarantee that they won’t keep you in…

As we get you home, we can guarantee that this three day tour, rammed with mesmeric locations, historically fascinating landmarks and exquisite scenery will linger long in the memory…

Now one of our most popular tours, please book early to avoid disappointment.

3 Day Oban, Ioan, Staffa & Fingal's Cave

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